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What's new for fall 2016 (Français)

Welcome to this page of variations, updates and little surprises. This page will be constantly updated with news and developments of Rafi's musical and writing productions. It will also provide you with changes in the site's content. Look closely, you may find a food recipe that could tease your pallet and delight your senses. Enjoy the quote of the week or, even, the music clip of the month. From all of us, enjoy your tour... Read about Jasmines from Egypt Branches Forever, my first novel, Book-Signing on September 8, 2012. (See box below). Moreover, film producers & directors visit my music store here or listen to my Top Songs.





It is April, 2013. The last eighteen months have witnessed violent and hurtful change in the Middle-East and Norway. As Spring slowly crawls in with vibes of hope and renewal, we extend our thoughts and prayers to the survivors of all these absurdities. We, at Trilance Film Music, do so, affectionately and with great respect! Click the picture for a full version of Beethoven's Adagio from his Moonlisght Sonata played by Rafi. Or this link to listen to Adagio To Broken Hearts (Norway Mon Amour) by Rafi Baladi.




On Friday, July 9, 2012, Jasmines from Egypt Branches Forever was published and is now available for distribution, worldwide. For the Book-Signing and to get your copy, please click here or see Writing Samples





Recipe of the month





        George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) 

Quote of the week:

"Reasonable people adapt them-selves to the world; unreasonable people adapt the world to themselves. This is why all success depends on unreasonable people."  George Bernard Shaw...

 If you click this image you will be directed to more of this ravishing temple and the legend of god Poseidon


The Temple of god Poseidon in Cape Sunion, Greece. Please click the photo to go to another page where you can see and hear more of his legend.

 Avenide Corrientes- Buenos Aires, Argentina


Please wait while we finish the slide show of South America and its influence on the Author. For now, please click on the picture to listen to a clip of Rafi's song to the lovely Avenide Corrientes- known, world-wide  for its Tango casinos