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Testimonials and awards for music by Rafi Baladi, writing & theatre Français

Rafi receiving trophee for best music composition in 1978

Dear visitor  

Please read Table of Testimonials and the reviews that I was grateful to obtain from some audiences across the years. They cover music, drama, theatre and comedy. I have not published any of my novels yet, but my first is due for editing in a few weeks from now.   

My First book  is the sum of my experience, passions and roots. It is all about how, amidst life's absurdity of intolerence and indifference, harsh as it may be, we forget how the mystery of love and hope could deliver us; and I found this mystery. It was always there. Now, I will never let go of  it. This biography was published in June 2012. It will be distributed, worldwide, by then. I want to share it with you. Please review its latest updates in 'What is new' page on the left and return with your browser to continue this page and its sub-page.

To you, my guests and, hopefully, future readers and listeners, I present some of my lifetime art achievements. Please go to Table of Testimonials. Thank you for your intellectual support. 


Rafi Baladi June 1, 2013