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Following a concert to 20 Canadian authors and publishers during a reception in 2000. Click to view

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Review on Requiem live performance by Rafi for his late brother Kamal in 1975. Click to view

From Pirandello's 6 characters in search for an author. From Chekov's Uncle Vanya Rafi live non-profit comic concert as Victor Borge
Press-1 Press-1 Comedy Sketch: Nile Hilton
Press-2 Press-2 Delivering horoscopes
Press-3 Dr. Salem's BA ruling peoples Master of ceremony: 1, 2, 3

Review by Le Progrès Dimanche d'Egypte in 1980 on the play Uncle Vanya by Chekov. Click to view

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Campus review on Rafi covering art and studies by Dr. Wood. Click to view