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            Musique pour votre film, histoire, dance, écoute et imagination               Music for your film, story, dance, listening and imagination 



Rafik Baladi's rare photographic moments of nature, culture & life Français

Rafik Baladi studied phography under the capable direction of Tom and Doloris Wood of Oklahoma City. They taught him that in photography, there are moments that one can only capture at the specific time; not a second earlier or a second later. After years of applying what he learnt and practiced. I am pleased to share many of his photographic treasures with you. Please continue down

View at the Windsor Park, Ottawa, Ontario Anonymous happy puppy at Alexandria beach, Egypt Christ's shelter in Cairo with His Holy Mother and Joseph

By clicking any picture-frame on the front of this page, you will be led to a PDF fils with a chain of photos in the same genre and aspect of life but in low resolution. If your interested to possess a legitimate copy of any photos listed on the front of this page or through them, for your own use and your own pleasure, (but not for resale) please see below. Selected photos will be delivered in high-resolution format. Please contact Rafik Baladi should you want to own a genuine copy of any the photographs posted on this page or beyond the pictures posted on this page. Enjoy the viewing!

Florence - Padova - Venezia El Ghoureya (Old Cairo) over 1300 years of Jewish, Christian & Islamic camaraderie Alexandria city of Alexander the Great

With the exception of a few photographs listed on the page attached to this link, most photographs are available at a fair price of ten Canadian dollars each (CAD $10.-). This pricing is valid until midnight December 31, 2012. It is only intended for the use and enjoyment of the buyer but not for resale. Please go to Contact Us to let us know. Remember to quote the Catalogue number indicated on the photos you chose. Catalogue numbers ending with H are available at $25 $ CAD each. Others ending with HH are available at $50 CAD each. All other ohitis are available for sale at $10 CAD each. Shipping and mailing is free within Canada and at reasonable price for other destinations.