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            Musique pour votre film, histoire, dance, écoute et imagination               Music for your film, story, dance, listening and imagination 



Original score samples of author's compositions (1971-2010) Français

Dear guest

The following are six samples of the author's original score writing since 1971.

Prelude for piano written by author in 1973. Please click to open While waiting to meet a business client in her office. Please click to open Written by author in 1971 for piano and violin. Please click to open

For a closer view of the frame, click on it. But first, pass the curser at the lower corner of each frame to read the explanation tags.

Author (Rafi) writing musical dictation as Olympia Rossi played the piano from far. Please click to open Recent score by author (2001). Please click to open Oh love. Written by author for piano and orchestra. Please listen to this clip in music samples. Click to open.

Now, go back to the Music Samples Home page, take a break and listen toits music samples. Relax and let yourself dream.  From the team and the author.