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            Musique pour votre film, histoire, dance, écoute et imagination               Music for your film, story, dance, listening and imagination 



Samples of music by Rafi G. Baladi 

Welcome to the film music showroom


To access the six sub-documents on this page, simply go over the link on the left panel of this frame, called 'Music Samples Home' and follow its drop-down menu (List of six sub pages) and click one by one, as you wish. They contain: a) titles of music inventions by Rafi (Rafik) G. Baladi and b) a brief description and dramaturgy of each piece. To hear the music clip, click its title; to read its one paragraph description-dramaturgy, click on the letter "D" to its right.

You may want to click "D' first so at to open the dramaturgy-description window then click the song title to hear it while reading its description. To access the lists.

Songs and Ringtones on iTunes-1  Amazon  (Soon before October 31, 2016)

You may want to download various tunes or ringtones at a mere cost of $.99 to $1.19 per track. Otherwise, please click here.

Producers of Cinema, TV  & documentaries, for a quicker glimpse of music samples, visit Trilance Worldwide Film-Music records   Also see: Top songs for a select few without needing to revert to the left panel.

Qu'est ce que la dramaturgie de la musique?

What is dramaturgy of music?

Now, go to the sample pages; relax, listen, read and breathe gently and deeplyy through your somach and then, let go! From me, to your imagination.... Rafi