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            Musique pour votre film, histoire, dance, écoute et imagination               Music for your film, story, dance, listening and imagination 



Definition of Trilance Film Music (Français)

Trilance Film Music, under Rafik (Rafi) G. Baladi, creates music of various shades and colours for listeners like you. As well, Rafi writes stories and articles from genuine life experiences. We broadcast our music in Canadian radio stations and we are spreading, gradually. Several of our articles and stories have been published in Canada and overseas. Please visit the page, in the left menu: Writing Samples and use the browser to come back to this page or follow the Site-Map page as a navigation index.

Rafi G. Baladi, 2009

Rafi's first book (biography) was published in July 2012 

The overall of this site covers history and biography of its author (Rafk), samples of his music, dedicated to general filmm, tv and documentary themes, articles, his first biography and forthcoming literary and musical and art projects.

 Welcome note and statement of goals:


"Dear guest, thank you for your interest and for your visit.

My goal is to unlock those priceless, passionate and genuine musical portraits that captured my soul for over thirty-nine years and to package them and share them with you.  They would inspire a multitude of tastes, themes and films, across the globe.

The true beauty of life lies in both its high and sombre moments. This can only yield vibrant interpretations by all of us. Mine are expressed here, in tunes and words, within an author's perspective, for your thoughts and reflection.  From all of us, please enjoy them....  Remember, in the greater picture of life, we are all authors and performers..."

Rafi G. Baladi

Saint Benoît du Lac
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